Vintage 415

When San Francisco’s Double Dutch turned to Rehab Media to help save the boom box, they turned to us to help turn up the volume. We broke the knob.

Not content with simple flyers and mylar balloons, we decided to go whole hog and push a bar rebrand in a way that had never been seen before. To do this, we created an alternate reality campaign celebrating the Coalition to Save The Boombox; an organization dedicated to honoring the cultural and historical significance of the boombox.

A three part online video series, along with an official website was promoted by serious street action, including wild-postings, huge murals in the mission and even a flash protest.

A once-inconspicuous bar on a crowded nightlife corridor, Double Dutch needed a dose of brand refreshment. We served them our signature cocktail: a double-shot of weird with a pint of kickass.